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Before (Again) by Steven Dykes

Project type



Costume Assistant and Dresser


May 2022


Rose Bruford College, London

The play Before (Again) by Steven Dykes, the director, is based off of I Have Been Here Before (Priestley, 1937) .The play was set in modern day Maine and explores the feeling of deja vu. The show has 6 characters and is double cast; Hana Gortler, an exile, Samantha Logan, a local, Sally Shipley, owner of the inn, Oliver/Olivia Farrant, a charity worker, Will Ormund, an ex-soldier and Jane Ormund, his wife. The show is split into four rounds, with half the cast in the first, the other half in the second, and all actors on stage in the third and fourth. The cast echo each other through amplified FX to create a continual soundscape of duplication, loops and repetition (Dykes, 2022).
I created a summer dress for the character Jane Ormund. The dress featured a wrap front, button stand and inseam pockets. The print on the fabric symbolises a stormy costal scene as well as mirroring the stage set with the use of lighthouses.

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