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Recreation of 1735 jacket


Half Scale Garment


April 2022

For this project I re-created a c.1735-40 jacket from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion: 1660-1860 (Arnold, 1989), which is part of the Snowshill Manor Collection. In addition to the jacket, I also made a stomacher and petticoats. The jacket is made of a floral brocade fabric, blue silk, felt and calico. The stomacher is made of brocade and calico, with floristry wire used as boning. The skirt is made of silk in a similar colour as the brocade. The jacket features a short flared skirt with centre back and fan pleated at the sides, with two fools pocket flaps. The sleeves are set with three dots at the head and large stiff winged cuffs. Covered buttons at the centre front lace up the jacket over a stomacher.

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